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Mar 05

I'm ready for spring!  I'm sure most of you are too! This has been a looong winter in central Ohio & we are all tired of snow & cold!  Now that the snow is mostly gone, my husband can go back to work.  I'm in the process of putting away all thing winter & bringing out the spring decor.  That includes the banner photo on my financial Wordpress blog:  http://bythebookfinancial.wordpress.com/home/blog-posts/

While you're there, please read my recent posts on budgeting & taxes.

Mar 05
Welcome to my blog!

This is where I'll be sharing my thoughts on topics like:  finances, taxes, budgeting, small business issues & bookkeeping.  Who knows... I might even share pictures and links to other interesting & useful information.

If I catch your interest, let me hear from you

Jan 15
Snow & Christmas

Read my series on "Sheets & Taxes" or the latest "Christmas."  It's still "snowing" on the site for a limited time, so see the "freeze-free snow" while you can!​

Jan 01
Connect to my Financial blog on Wordpress
Jan 01
Connect to my non-financial blog
I've been writing about my dogs, Sammi & Lizzie, in this one: thewordsf.wordpress.com/.  It's called "The Year of the Dogs: A journey with cancer & canines"