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Providing biblical solutions for YOUR financial needs - Luke 16:10                                              

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Welcome to By The Book Financial where you can be assured of service with integrity!
We offer small business bookkeeping and accounting services, including QuickBooks set up & clean up.  We also offer individual budgeting and income tax services.

Initial consultations are at no cost to you
Offering EXCELLENT SERVICE at a fair price!
By The Book Financial, handling YOUR finances by THE BOOK!

Call or email to set up an appointment.

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News & Tips:
Identity Theft is on the rise!
 The IRS is working to combat the problem, but taxpayers need to be diligent. They have guidance for how to deal with income tax based ID theft. Here's the link to the main page for individuals: IRS-Identity Theft.
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 Important dates:

January 3, 2017:     Businesses:  You should have all of your W9s so you can mail your 1099s and ​1096's by Jan. 31st.
 January 23, 2017:  Tax season begins!
 January 31, 2017:   You should have all of your W2s:
Businesses: Be sure you mail all W2s by this date!
Individuals:  You should have all of your W2s within a few days of Feb 2nd.  Many
      businesses enable employees to access them online.

Individuals:  You should have any 1099's within a few days of Feb 2nd.
NEW this year: Business mail all 1096's to the IRS! Penalties are high for failing to file!

March 15, 2017:      TAX DAY for S Corps & Partnerships (new)!

April 18, 2017:          TAX DAY! For individuals & C Corps

May 10, 2017:  Ohio CAT Tax due

May 23, 2017 (and on the 23rd of every month):  Ohio Sales Tax due for monthly filers

September 15, 2017: Deadline for S Corp & Partnership tax return extensions.

October 15, 2017: Deadline for individual tax return extensions.